Support from UID-DER

The Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER) from Turkey has published a message of solidarity for Shahrokh on their website:

Free Shahrokh Zamani!

Iranian regime keeps repressing fighting workers, trade-unionists and socialists. One of the socialist trade-union organisers, Shahrokh Zamani, whom the regime is seeking to keep away from struggle by imprisoning for years, is now sentenced to 6 months in Rajaishahr Prison. He has been kept in Karaj Rajaishahr Detention Centre for months and now the Mullah regime threatens him with death sentence if he does not give up his political activities.

We (UID-DER) demand immediate and unconditional release of Shahrokh Zamani. Neither the Mullah regime which seeks to intimidate fighting workers and socialists through all kinds of repression including torture and imprisonment nor other bourgeois regimes in Turkey and elsewhere could, and will be able to, reach their goals.

Free political prisoners and worker activists!

Long live the revolutionary struggle of the working class!

Long live international class solidarity!

UID-DER (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity)

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