Iran teachers begin two-day nationwide strike

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Iran lorry drivers’ third strike: resilience against state repression

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Zanyar Dabbaghian, a labour activist in Sanandaj, arrested

Zanyar Dabbaghian, a labour activist in Sanandaj

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General shutdown in Iran’s Kurdish areas

On September 21st several cities in Kurdistan Province, Kermanshah Province and the Kurdish cities of West Azerbaijan Province were part of a general shutdown of shops and businesses. According to eyewitnesses and published images, most shops took part in the shutdown, affecting the main markets of these cities. Continue reading

TUC lobby

Today activists of the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign were joined by members of the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain and Alliance for Workers’ Liberty outside Transport House, the Headquarters of the Trades Union Congress.
We were holding a friendly lobby of the TUC to bring to its attention the many strikes and workers’ struggles in Iran and demanding its support and class solidarity.
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Third anniversary of Shahrokh Zamani’s death

Today, September 13th 2018, is the third anniversary of Shahrokh Zamani’s death in Rajai Shahr prison. When his family demanded that an autopsy should be carried out they were threatened by the Iranian regime’s authorities. To this day no satisfactory explanation has been given about Shahrokh’s death. Below we reproduce the first statement of the Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (our predecessor) on receiving news of Shahrokh’s untimely death.

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Solidarity with the Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers’ strike in Iran!

Solidarity with the Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers’ strike in Iran!

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