Hundreds of teachers go on protest across Iran!

At ten o’clock this morning hundreds of teachers and retired teachers across Iran went on protest.

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HEPCO workers paid two months’ wages, owner “arrested”

After a month of strikes, demonstrations and marches the workers of HEPCO have been paid two months’ unpaid wages and the owner of the factory is reported to have been arrested!
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Picket the Iranian regime’s embassy – Feb. 11th

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Alborz Province Painters’ Union in solidarity with the rescue workers and firefighters who died at the Plasco building

Letter of the Alborz Province Painters’ Union expressing solidarity with the rescue workers and firefighters who died at the Plasco building. Continue reading

Haft Tappeh Pensioners End Their Protests

Haft Tappeh’s 150 pensioners ended their protests after a qualified agreement with the sugar cane industrial complex’s general manager on December 31st. Continue reading

Retired Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers Protest

On November 28th retired workers of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane complex protested outside the company’s entrance, demanding payment of their end of service compensation. Continue reading

Workers Protest Outside Iranian Regime’s ‘parliament’

ProtestOn the morning of November 15th workers protested outside the Iranian regime’s phoney ‘parliament’ against Labour Law ‘reforms’, the expansion of Free and Special Economic Zones and changes in the Social Security Organisation’s health care fund.

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