Mahshahr petrochemical workers protest against layoffs

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Haft Tappeh workers on street protests and downing of Ukrainian airliner

Tehran, January 2020

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Hassan Saidi’s five-year sentence upheld!

Hassan Saidi, one of the May Day 2019 detainees and a member of the Trade Union of the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company, had been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in a lower court. The appeal court has now upheld his sentence. Continue reading

Teenage porter brothers freeze to death in Kurdistan!

Farhad Khoravi

The frozen bodies of Farhad Khosravi and his brother Azad Khosravi were found on December 20th after a search by volunteers in Iran’s Kurdistan Province. Continue reading

Ali Nejati sentenced to five years in prison!

Ali Nejati

Ali Nejati

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Student Day in Tehran

Tehran University students commemorated Student Day, December 7th, by protesting within the campus. Continue reading

Esmail Bakhshi returns to work

On December 6th 2019, Esmail Bakhshi returned to work. Continue reading