Noel Park Labour Party branch vote to support Shahrokh and Reza

The Noel Park branch of the the Labour Party passed the following motion on Sunday. The motion will now go up to the Horsey and Wood Green Constituency Labour Party meeting.

This branch notes

1. That Shahrokh Zamani of the Tehran painters’ union has been in prison since the start of 2012, and RezaShahabi of the Tehran bus workers’ union since 2010, on charges of “acting against national security by establishing or membership of groups opposed to the system” – ie working to establish independent trade unions.

2. That both have suffered severe mistreatment, torture and denial of medical facilities in prison.

3. That both have gone on hunger strike in protest at their own treatment but also the treatment of other prisoners. More info:

This branch believes

1. That more than three decades after Iranian workers toppled the Shah’s brutal dictatorship, they are repressed by a similarly despotic regime.

2. That the Islamic Republic of Iran represses any attempt to set up independent unions or organise strikes. Beatings, (often unlawful) arrest and torture are routinely used against labour activists.

3. That despite this Iranian workers continue to struggle. September and October 2014 saw important struggles by iron ore, car, ceramics and sugar workers.

4. That Western-imposed economic sanctions against Iran are making the situation for Iranian workers harder, both economically and politically.

The branch resolves:

1. To circulate information about the campaign to freeShahrokh and Reza to our members.

2. To encourage members to sign the petition and write to their MP asking them to sign the Early Day Motion tabled by John McDonnell MP (EDM 52).

3. To issue a short statement of solidarity.

4. To send this motion forward for the consideration of the GC.

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