Iran- Kermanshah: active boycott of the elections, posters in support of political prisoners put up

On February 19, as part of the ‘active boycott’ of the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections, a number of Workers’ Action Committee comrades put up posters in one of the busiest areas of Kermanshah (western Iran). These posters, featuring five political prisoners and Shahrokh Zamani, had earlier been suggested to the Committee for distribution.

Boycotting the elections does not mean staying at home, but that the election charade must actively be boycotted within the election campaign itself. Boycotting the elections is to continue the struggle and not a rest break. Active boycott of the elections is at the same time a method of struggle against passivity and pacifism. With their recent activity the Committee’s active comrades have demonstrated this matter. Let us build a broad united action on boycotting the elections by supporting political prisoners.

Photos sent by these comrades will be published.

Workers’ Action Committee

20 February 2016

Republished from the Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network website

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