Student activists from across the UK demand release of Shahrokh Zamani

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) is supporting the campaign to free jailed Iranian trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani. Just as we support students and workers’ struggles everywhere in the world, we stand in solidarity with those fighting to build independent trade unions and student organisations in Iran – both have faced massive repression from the Iranian state.

The following statement, initiated by NCAFC supporters, has been signed by student officers and activists from across the country, including almost half of the National Union of Students national executive. We’ll be sending it to the press soon as a letter. If you’d like to add your name, or leave a comment below.

For the online petition which has been signed by hundreds of students across the country, see here.


We the undersigned student union officers and student activists demand the release of imprisoned Iranian trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani, who has just ended a hunger strike of over forty days and whose health is seriously deteriorating. He has been in prison since 2011 for the crime of seeking to build independent unions in Iran.

Shreya Paudel, National Union of Students International Students Officer-elect
Dom Anderson, NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship
Daniel Stevens, NUS International Students Officer
Piers Telemacque, NUS VP Society & Citizenship-elect, Bradford College SU President
Joe Vinson, NUS Vice President (Further Education)
Hannah Paterson, NUS Disabled Students Officer
Sky Yarlett, NUS LGBT Officer (Open Place)
Finn McGoldrick, NUS LGBT Officer (Women’s Place)
Gordon Maloney, NUS Scotland President
Steph Lloyd, NUS Wales President
Megan Dunn, NUS Vice President (Higher Education)-elect
Kelley Temple, NUS Women’s Officer
Shelly Asquith, SUArts President and NUS London Chair
Omar Raii, University College London Union External Affairs and Campaigns Officer-elect
Rachel O’Brien, University of Birmingham Guild of Students
Deborah Hermanns, University of Birmingham Guild of Students
Chantel Le Carpentier, University of Essex SU President-elect and NUS NEC
Tom Flynn, University of Bristol Union VP Education and NUS NEC
James Potter, Essex University SU VP Education
Grace Skelton, Manchester SU General Secretary
Jamie Green, Royal Holloway SU VP Communication and Campaigns
Kelly Rogers, NUS Trustee Board-elect
Edd Bauer, NUS Trustee Board
Beth Redmond, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
Tom Rutland, Oxford University SU President
Roshni Joshi, Ruskin College SU
Robert Eagleton, Cardinal Newman College SU
Hamish Yewdall, Northumbria SU Councillor
Elliot Folan, Union of UEA Students
Michael Chessum, University of London Union President
Daniel Cooper, University of London Union Vice President and NUS NEC-elect
Hattie Craig, Birmingham University VP Education
Becca Anderson, Gateshead College SU President
Kirsty Haigh, Edinburgh University Students’ Association VP Services
Emma Barnes, NUS Part-Time Students Representative
Josh Rowlands, NUS Mature Students Representative
Jawanza Ipyana, NUS NEC Disabled Students Member
Rosie Huzzard, NUS National Executive Council
James McAsh, NUS NEC
Charles Barry, NUS NEC
Peter Smallwood, NUS NEC
Rhiannon Durrans, NUS NEC
Jessica Goldstone, NUS NEC
Chris Clements, NUS NEC
Amy Smith, NUS NEC-elect
Robert Foster, NUS NEC Scotland Representative
Afreen Saulat, Bath University SU
Chris Pagett, Bath University SU
Freya Martin, Sheffield Hallam SU
Emma Booth, Kent University Labour Students Chair
Miguel Costa Matos, Warwick SU
Roza Salih, Vice President Diversity & Advocacy at Strathclyde Students’ Association and NUS Trustee Board-elect
Alannah Ainslie, Aberdeen University Students Association
James Elliott, NUS NEC Disabled Students Member-elect.
Xavier Cohen, Environment & Ethics Officer, Oxford University Student Union
Christopher Rawlinson, Harris Manchester College JCR President, University of Oxford
Vonnie Sandlan, NUS SEC and NUS NEC-elect
Hannah Webb, UCLU External Affairs and Campaigns Officer, NCAFC NC
Helena Mika, JCR Secretary, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford
Abdi-aziz Suleiman, NUS NEC-elect
Dario Celaschi, President of Stanmore College Students’ Union and NEC (elect)
Clifford Fleming, Manchester SU Campaigns and Citizenship Officer, NUC NEC (elect) and co-chair of Young Greens
Zarah Sultana, NUS Black Students’ Committee and NUS NEC-elect
Andy Forse, Milton Keynes College SU
Kelly Teeboon, Liverpool Students’ Union Womens’ Campaign Officer

To sign email or leave a comment below.

An NCAFC caucus at the National Union of Students 2014 conference (8-10 April, Liverpool) shows solidarity with Shahrokh Zamani



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