Protest by 800 Almahdi Aluminium Complex workers continues into third day

Around 800 workers of the Almahdi Aluminium Complex in Bandar Abbas, a port on the Gulf coast, continued into its third day.

The workers were protesting against the factory’s boss who refuses to carry out a resolution by the Social Security Council of Hormozgan Province regarding workers’ demands.

The resolution stipulates that 10 workers from the service division of Almahdi Aluminium Complex, who were fired in late March, should be reinstated and the job security of all other workers should be assured.

On the third day of their protest, April 28th, the protesting workers “… shut the factory gates to demand that officials of this state-owned plant resolve their problems which the privatisation of the complex has caused them.”

Almahdi Aluminium Complex, which employs over 1300 workers, is the largest producer of aluminium ingots in Iran. It began production in 2009.

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
28 April 2016

Source: ILNA

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