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Fourth day of the Haft Tappeh strike

Important news on the fourth day of the Haft Tappeh strike. Continue reading


Haft Tappeh strike continues!

The Haft Tappeh strike is continuing! Continue reading

Esmail Bakhshi’s speech: Haft Tappeh strike, August 18th 2018

Esmail Bakhshi’s speech: Haft Tappeh strike, August 18th 2018. Continue reading

New Haft Tappeh strike

The following is a short message from the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union. An English transcript of Esmail Bakhshi’s speech will be available on the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign’s site later today. Continue reading

Haft Tappeh workers on strike again

Haft Tappeh workers on strike, February 5th 2018.

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Teachers arrested during Tehran protest

On Thursday May 10th, as part of a peaceful country-wide protest, teachers and retired teachers in Iran demanded more funds for education, higher wages and an end to privatisation. The protest in Tehran was violently broken up and many teachers and activists were arrested. Continue reading

Solidarity with Iranian workers’ struggles – May Day 2018

Haft Tappeh strikers, January 2018.

Haft Tappeh strikers, January 2018.

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