Afghanistan: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign begins its activities

The activists of the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign in Afghanistan begin their activities by pasting posters in Kabul.3-1

Labour activists in Afghanistan see it as part of their duty of international struggle that, to achieve social justice across the world for all workers of the world, they should struggle and at the right time create a movement for justice. Because the working class, the core wealth-creator in all lands, is the sole agent of salvation not only for the workers themselves, but all human beings oppressed by the capitalist system.

This campaign was launched by activists of the Workers’ Action Committee in Iran after the unforgivable disaster in the history of the vanguard of the labour movement, the murder of Comrade Shahrokh Zamani, and has now spread to a few parts of the world. We were also able to carry out this responsibility here and show that the legacy of Shahrokh Zamani’s struggle is global.

This campaign, by putting up posters (about Shahrokh Zamani and the importance of applying pressure to investigate the murder of this militant worker) in the public thoroughfares of Kabul, so that the call for justice is made louder and that the Afghan people become aware of the dark fate that the capitalist regimes throughout the world, including neighbouring Iran, have expanded. Every day the capitalist regimes are sinking into a deeper crisis and have created a situation that all unemployed workers are aware of. The impasse of capitalism, in all countries, one after another, is demonstrated by the growing attacks on the working class and basic democratic rights on the one hand, and on the other hand, foreign interventions and regressing the destiny of all people on earth. Each time the imperialist powers and regional capitalist powers get stuck in a mire: one day in Iraq, another day in Afghanistan and now Syria and Libya. The Iranian and Afghan peoples are both victims of this policy.

If the plight of the Afghan people shows itself with daily killings and the increase in ignorance, poverty, unemployment, ethnic hatred and religious fundamentalism, in Iran also revolutionary workers are killed and protesting workers are flogged. The cause of all these problems is the same and their solution is the same. The only way to stop these disasters is revolutionary organisation. Capitalism cannot be reformed and only a revolution in the region can be the beginning of a new society. This revolution will not be possible except by establishing revolutionary organisations at the national, regional and global level that can turn the separate struggles into united, conscious and planned struggles. All of these are Shahrokh Zamani’s legacy. And the need for class unity and international solidarity has to be found here.

Mafhum Setiz
14 June 2016

More photos and videos.

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