Ahvaz Sugar workers’ protest ends

The Ahvaz Sugar factory workers suspended their one-day-old protest until next week after Khuzestan province officials promise to follow-up their demands.

The workers’ protest outside the Khuzestan province’s government building began on July 19th. They were demanding payment of at least four months’ unpaid wages as well as New Year and other bonuses. They were also protesting against the uncertainty hanging over them since the plant’s production was suspended last year.

The 41 workers say that on the previous day Khuzestan province officials held a meeting with their representatives. Khuzestan province officials claim that by listening to the workers’ representatives about their problems, they will follow-up their demands and raise their problems at the province’s Labour Commission meeting next week.

The workers demand payment of their back pay and that the factory’s situation is settled – which its owners, Bank Melli and Bank Mellat – have so far failed to clarify.

All Ahvaz Sugar factory workers have therefore temporarily ended their protest.

Source: ILNA.

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
21 July 2016


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