Shahrokh Zamani on 30th day of hunger strike

Yesterday we received a press release from the Iranian Workers Solidarity Network:

Shahrokh Zamani on hunger strike after transfer to Ghezel Hesar Prison

Shahrokh Zamani, a member of the Painters’ Union, was charged with “endangering national security” and “participating in an illegal organisation” by the Iranian regime after he attempted to build an independent trade union.

While in prison he has been physically and psychologically abused, denied medication and denied access to visitors. Following his recent transfer to the notorious Ghezel Hesar prison he has been on hunger strike for over 29 days.

We appeal to all trade unionists, socialists, women’s, students’ and LGBT activists, to call on the blood-soaked Iranian regime to release Shahrokh Zamani and all other class-war prisoners immediately and unconditionally. We hold the Iranian regime’s officials responsible for the well-being of imprisoned labour activists like Shahrokh and they will one day be held accountable for their crimes against the working class.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
5 April 2014

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty reports:

Human Rights Activist News Agency (HRANA) has reported that the imprisoned Iranian trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani, has just entered his 30th day of a hunger strike.

The agency reports that his initial 3 day strike which was made in solidarity with imprisoned and persecuted Gonabadi Dervishes was extended after being exiled to the infamous Ghezel Hesar prison, a jail notorious for abysmal conditions, torture and executions. Shahrokh was jailed in 2011 for his organising of the painters and decorating union.

Another political prisoner – the student Arash Mohammadi, has joined Shahrokh’s hunger strike in solidarity.

Socialists must use this urgent time to bring the awareness of Shahrokh’s imprisonment to the attention of the wider public to gather solidarity.

There has been a petition campaign to Free Shahrokh Zamani since 2013. It can be signed online at here, and paper copies of the petition can be printed from here, as well as leaflets, from here.

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