Solidarity with the Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers’ strike in Iran!

Solidarity with the Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers’ strike in Iran!

The following statement of solidarity was posted on Facebook and you can add your name to it.

Solidarity with the Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers’ strike in Iran!
Sacha Ismail·Monday, 27 August 2018

Please add or your organisation’s name to this statement of solidarity by posting below – include organisation and position as appropriate. Photos and messages of support have already got through to the strikers, who have sent thanks, so this makes a real difference. Please also share this note. More on the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign site ***

Workers at the giant Haft Tappeh sugar cane processing complex in Southern Iran have been on strike since 17 August to demand the payment of unpaid wages and bonuses and a regular system of payment, improvement of extremely dangerous working conditions, no job losses and an end to insecurity and management harassment.
They have also raised wider questions about the selling off of the land on which the complex is based and about workers’ control of the industry as well as workers’ power in society.
We the undersigned express our solidarity with their struggle and that of all workers in Iran fighting for their rights. Signatories so far (all pc unless indicated):

Ian Hodson, National President, on behalf of the Bakers’ Union
Simon Hannah, Lambeth Unison co-secretary, Tooting Constituency Labour Party, editor of The Clarion magazine
Ruth Cashman, Lambeth Unison co-secretary, Tooting CLP
Pete Firmin, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, Brent TUC Vice Chair
Tina McKay, Labour parliamentary candidate for Colchester
Vicki Morris, University of Nottingham Unison branch chair
Bob Carnegie, Queensland State Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia
Hattie Craig, Streatham CLP, PCS
Justine Canady, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Bakers’ Union (McDonalds worker)
Daniel Randall, RMT London Underground functional rep
Christie Neary, Croydon South CLP, NEU
Aleph Ross, Cambridge University Students’ Union
Andy Warren, Lewisham Deptford CLP GC delegate, PCS
Duncan Morrison, Lewisham Deptford CLP executive, Lewisham NEU committee
Chris Bright, Unison, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Tom Harris, PCS Sacha Ismail, Workers’ Liberty, Clarion editor
Jim Denham, Unite and Selly Oak CLP
Kelly Rogers, sacked Picturehouse cinemas strike/union rep
Ana Oppenheim, former National Union of Students executive member, Clarion editor
Rebecca Lawrence, Unite SE London healthworkers’ branch secretary, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Lewisham for Corbyn (Momentum) co-chair
Kieran Miles, Tooting CLP
Maisie Sanders, Lewisham Deptford CLP executive
Omar Raii, Lewisham West and Penge CLP youth officer
Daniel Round, Stourbridge CLP, Clarion editor
Daniel Nichols, Romford CLP political officer
Ian Sternberg, GMB shop steward
Barnaby Marder, Richmond Park CLP
Chris Hulme, Slough CLP
Patrick Murphy, National Education Union executive member and Leeds division secretary
Sam Greenwood, Unison Wakefield local government Labour Party link officer
Dave Kirk, Unite NE 204/4 Branch secretary and Leeds West CLP delegate
Dora Polenta, Rushcliffe CLP political education officer
Tony Byrne, RMT East Midlands Central chair
Malcolm Kennedy, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Unite
Mischa Foster Poole, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Maher Hamadouch, Battersea CLP
Joana Santos, Vauxhall CLP, Unite
Sabrina Huck, Tooting CLP, Unite
Alex Fernandes, Streatham CLP, Unite
Joe Booth, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP, Hackney Central Youth Officer, TSOS campaign
Mary Vettise, Camberwell and Peckahm CLP, Artists Union of England
Imogen Bellotti, Lewisham East CLP
Amano Ali, Camberwell and Peckham CLP, housing activist
Chris Marks, PCS DWP Group Executive Committee
Riki Lane, NTEU, Monash University, Australia
Stephen Wood, London Underground worker, RMT, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Liam McNulty, Unite, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Andy Forse, BECTU, Oxford East CLP
Cathy Nugent, editor,
Jim Denham Unite and Selly Oak CLP Solidarity
Daniel Davison-Vecchione, UCU, Cambridge CLP
Ben Towse, UCU
Vijay Jackson, Edinburgh CLP Youth and Students Officer, Scottish Labour Young Socialists communications officer
Andrew Peak, Oxford and District Labour Party
Nik Barstow, Secretary Stretford Branch Labour Party, Clarion editor
Sam Greenwood, Denton and Reddish CLP, Unison
Esther Townsend, Unison, Lewisham East CLP
Pete Cookson, NEU Anita Downs, Unite SE London health branch, Lewisham East CLP
Jill Mountford, Lewisham for Corbyn (Momentum) co-chair
Matt Wells, PCS Defra Eastern Branch Executive Committee
Alex Blenkhorn, Denton and Reddish CLP, Unison
David Ball, Unison, Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Sacha Marten, Membership Officer, Tonbridge and Malling CLP
Tom McCormick, Clwyd South Labour and UCU
Alex Stuart, Guildford CLP
Martin Ralph, UCU committee, University of Liverpool
Herbert Claros – CSP-Conlutas – National Trade Union and Popular Federation – Brazil
Shaista Aziz, Labour councillor, Rose Hill and Iffley, Oxford.

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