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Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign – May Day 2017

The following is Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign’s short piece that was included in an internationalist leaflet distributed in London on May Day.

SZAC - May Day 2017 - London
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Solidarity from British trade unionists

In the run-up to May Day British trade unionists and socialist activists have been showing their support and solidarity for Iranian workers and their struggles for independent organisations, the right to strike and the release of all jailed workers. Here are some of those who supported the campaign.

Three reps from striking Picturehouse cinemas – Obi Saiq (Hackney), Tom (East Dulwich) and Kelly Rogers (Ritzy) – showing their solidarity with Iranian workers’ struggles.
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Picket the Iranian regime’s embassy – Feb. 11th

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Picket BICC Annual Dinner and Reception

The British Iranian Chamber of Commerce (BICC) has stepped up its activities following the EU membership referendum in June. The Tory government’s push for closer economic relations beyond the EU has meant that dictatorships like the Iranian regime have now become priority countries for trade and investment by British capitalists.

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Video clip from the Campaign’s launch meeting

At the launch of the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign on October 20th 2016 part of a video clip on Shahrokh Zamani’s life and activities was played. Here is the full video and some notes in English explaining the contents. The video clip was made by Workers’ Action Committee activists in Iran.

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Campaign launch meeting

On October 20th the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign was formally launched. We will have a full report soon.