Esmail Bakhshi in hospital after being tortured!

The twenty-fifth day of the Haft Tappeh strike and the seventeenth day of protests in Shush was marred by news of Esmail Bakhshi, the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union rep, being transferred to hospital for treatment.

Various sources have mentioned that Esmail Bakhshi has injuries to his face and head, including severe bruising, and had suffered from internal bleeding. It is not clear if he is now back in jail or receiving further treatment in hospital. Mr Bakhshi has been held in jail since November 18th.

Ms Sepideh Gholian, a social activist who was also arrested on November 18th, is still in jail.

The Iranian regime’s security forces also carried out a second raid on the home of Ali Nejati, a member of the union and its previous leader. During this morning’s raid Peyman Nejati (Mr Nejati’s son) and Majid Roayaei (a guest) were also arrested – but have now been released. The security forces have nevertheless confiscated some of Mr Roayaei personal items.

The whereabouts of Ali Nejati is currently unknown.

The responsibility for the wellbeing of all those arrested because of strikes and protests rests on the Iranian regime.

The Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign calls on all trade unionists and socialists to send solidarity messages in support of all those arrested and demand their immediate and unconditional release.

29 November 2018
Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

Source: Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union and news agencies.


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