Four Haft Tappeh reps still under arrest

The workers of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company gathered inside the plant on Saturday October 31st and Sunday November 1st to protest and rally against the arrest of their representatives. They demand the release of Ebrahim Abbasi, Yusef Bahmani, Hamid Mombini and Masoud Heyvari. The following message about the continuing detention of the reps was posted on the Haft Tappeh workers’ independent Telegram channel on October 31st 2020.

Independent workers’ representatives and activists, the voice demanding Haft Tappeh workers’ rights, must be freed!

We will oust the occupying private sector. The protest continues!

Haft Tappeh fights and does not accept humiliation!

We condemn the continuing detention of these workmates and their transfer to Dezful prison.

End hostage-taking and savagery in Haft Tappeh.

Source: Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company workers’ independent Telegram channel

Translation: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

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