Pensioners, educators, medical staff and university lecturers protest in Tehran

On Sunday, January 10th, pensioners, educators of the literacy movement, doctors and staff of addiction treatment centres, staff and professors of the Azad University protested in Tehran.

Members of the Iranian regime’s ‘parliament’ witnessed protest rallies of pensioners, academics and educators. Working-class pensioners protesting in front of the Majles demanded an increase in their pensions to the level of the poverty line, free medical services and other basic reforms. In several other cities, pensioners applied to the governorates to ask for an improvement to their living conditions.

The educators of the literacy movement also protested in front of the ‘parliament’ for the second time and demanded that their job status be improved. Those who have gone to Tehran from different parts of Iran are protesting against a new test they are required to pass if they want to keep their jobs. About 6,000 literacy movement educators who have lost their jobs after working 10 to 15 years in the most deprived areas of the country.

A number of Azad University staff and lecturers also gathered in front of the Majles on Sunday. They demanded that the salaries and benefits be raised to same level of staff and lecturers at state-owned universities. Azad University opposes the Majles’s ‘interference’ in its affairs.

On Sunday, doctors and staff working in addiction treatment centres in Tehran province also gathered in front of the Medical System Organisation. One of the protesters told ILNA that the reason for the gathering was “the unprofessional policies of the Food and Drug Administration and irresponsible comments of the head of the Organisation about possible changes in the treatment of addicts.” He referred to the supply of methadone in pharmacies to addicts.

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
11 January 2021

Source: Trade union Telegram channels and news agencies

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