Pensioners protest outside Iranian regime’s parliament

With just a few weeks left until the Iranian New Year, thousands of pensioners have protested outside the Iranian regime’s parliament in Tehran. Similar protests were also held in other cities, including Esfahan and Ahvaz.

In Ahvaz, retired Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane workers gathered in front of the complex. In Esfahan, teacher, medical, and steel industry pensioners gathered outside the provincial governorate.

The Social Provision Organisation’s pension fund is the largest in Iran, with 3.5 million members, followed by the Teachers’ fund with 850,000 pensioners. Many of the regime’s own officials admit that about 95% of pensioners now live below the poverty line! The state owes the pension funds millions of dollars as it raids them regularly to supplement budget deficits.

As well as chanting slogans about the cost of living, in Tehran the retired protesters demanded the release of jailed teachers. They chanted “Free all jailed teachers!” and “Prison is no place for teachers!”

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
24 February 2019

Sources: Teachers Trade Association’s Telegram channel and others

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