Neda Naji: a political prisoner whose life is in danger

Neda Naji was one of the dozens of protesters arrested on May Day, International Workers’ Day, outside the Iranian regime’s parliament. Over two months later she is still in detention.

On Saturday July 6th Neda Naji’s husband announced that she had been beaten by prison staff and non-political prisoners in Varamin’s Gharchak jail.

Neda Naji’s mother has posted a video message on her Facebook page reporting on the numerous incidents regarding her daughter’s case. She said that even though they had met the bail conditions during the first few days of Neda’s temporary detention, suddenly and without any notice, they were told that she was not going to be released. Mrs Naji said that even though her daughter is innocent their family did not know anything about Neda’s situation until 22 days after the arrest.

In this video message Mrs Naji refers to the repeated lack of interest of the regime’s security and judicial institutions in following up Neda Naji’s case. She said that although she had contacted members of parliament, no one had made any promise to follow up her daughter’s situation.

Translation: Translation: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
8 July 2019

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