Iran May Day detainees still in jail

The following is a statement released by @Maydayarrests, a Telegram channel set up for publicising the plight of activists arrested on May Day 2019. It was published on June 17th.

“Friends and companions
“It has been nearly 50 days since the peaceful Labour Day assembly in front of parliament was suppressed.
“About 50 workers, pensioners, students and civil activists were arrested on May 1st 2019 on charges of attending a Labour Day gathering. Most of them were eventually released on bail.
“But three of these detainees are still in jail. Marzieh Amiri is in Evin prison’s women’s ward, Atefeh Rangriz and Neda Naji in Gharchak jail and under very unsuitable and unsafe conditions.
“This channel has been created for disseminating reliable information on the Labour Day detainees and their situation.
“Help us to publicise this channel.”

Source: @Maydayarrests Telegram channel

Translation: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

Marzieh Amiri

Marzieh Amiri

Atefeh Rangriz

Atefeh Rangriz

Neda Naji

Neda Naji

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