Mounting teacher deaths linked to Corona virus!

On April 3rd Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association released a list of 66 teachers and retired teachers who have so far died because of contracting COVID-19. The list includes teachers from Qom, Tehran, Gilan province, Golestan province, Qazvin, Sadra, Razavi Khorasan province, Zahedan, Hamoun, Gorgan, Babol, Lorestan, Delijan, Rasht, Langeroud, Badroud, Saghez, West Azerbaijan province, Takestan and so on.

The country-wide list of the dead, which will probably grow, is a clear testament to the Iranian regime’s culpability in preserving itself at any price. Only the criminal policies of ignoring basic public health measures have led to the death of these teachers and retired teachers, as well as thousands of other workers. This is a system that is not only incapable of controlling the outbreak but is covering up its incompetence and ineptitude in dealing with the virus.

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign (SZAC)
5 April 2020

Source: Teachers’ Trade Association’ Telegram Channel.

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