Haft Tappeh workers: We condemn the court summons of Ali Nejati, our retired colleague!

The following is a statement published on the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company workers’ independent Telegram channel.

We condemn the court summons of Ali Nejati, our retired colleague!

The judiciary and security forces have forced our retired colleague, Ali Nejati, to report for five years in prison; even though his legal case is closed and he suffers from physical problems, including heart failure.

For our country’s judiciary and security system, not all retirees are the same! Some of their own bright-eyed pensioners are serving the corrupt Asadbegis inside the Haft Tappeh company. People like Saberian, Bahari, Karimipour, Amjadi, and so on. But the majority of retirees have to fight for a meagre living, even after retirement.

Ali Nejati, our retired, colleague is no exception to this cruel rule: he has been put under pressure and harassed, and in a shameless act, even his bank accounts have been blocked. He was already retired at the time of the 2018strikes, but was harassed by the security apparatus and then cruelly sentenced to five years in prison. But then all of his sentences were overturned because our protests’ demands included quashing all sentences against our colleagues and supporters.

We condemn any harassment of Mr Nejati, or the Haft Tappeh workers representatives who have recently had lawsuits started against them. The response of the Haft Tappeh workers to these blatant oppressions will not be silence.

A group of Haft Tappeh workers from various departments – Friday – 19 February 2021

Published by: Haft Tappeh Workers’ Independent Channel Translation: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

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