Khuzestan Pipe Factory: closed down and sold as scrap metal!

The following is a message by the Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell on the destruction of the Khuzestan Pipe Factory in south-western Iran.

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Ahvaz steelworkers’ protests continue

Iran National Steel Industrial Group workers, 27 July 2022.
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Reza Shahabi and Hassan Saeedi: on hunger strike and in solitary!

The following message was published on the Trade Union of the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company’s Telegram Channel on June 30th 2022.

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May Day, nationwide teachers’ protests and arrests in Iran

Qazvin, teachers’ protest on May Day 2022.

The Iranian regime once again showed its fear of the country’s teachers by arresting many of their activists on the night of April 30th. This was yet another intimidation tactic that was meant to deter teachers across Iran from once again protesting against low wages and other basic demands on May Day and Teachers’ Day (May 2nd). The new detainees joined the ranks of many teachers’ activists who were already in jail.

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The war in Ukraine is a war against workers

The following message was published on the Haft Tappeh Workers’ Independent Channel on Telegram on February 28th 2022.

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Sepideh Gholian’s life is in danger!

The physical condition of Sepideh Gholian – a student, social rights’ activists and journalist imprisoned in Bushehr Prison – has deteriorated due to contracting COVID-19.

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New nationwide teachers’ protest in Iran

“Raisi, Ghalibaf, this is the last message/ The teachers’ movement is ready for insurrection” (Yasuj, February 19th 2022).
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Steelworkers demand better pay and conditions in Ahvaz

Steelworkers demand better pay and conditions in Ahvaz, February 13th.
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Teachers in over 100 Iranian towns and cities protest against low wages!

On Thursday, December 23rd, teachers in over 100 towns and cities protested against low wages. Despite their union activists being summoned by the Iranian regime’s security agencies and told to cancel their planned demonstrations, the nationwide strike still went ahead.

Teachers in Sanandaj, December 23rd 2021.

Teachers and educators gathered in front of education departments in various towns and cities throughout Iran to continue their recent protests against the job classification scheme approved by the regime’s so-called ‘parliament’.

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Haft Tappeh: workers’ representatives’ assembly is superior to a trade union and the Islamic Council

The following is a post published on the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company workers’ independent Telegram channel.

“At Haft Tappeh we have proved that a [workers’] representatives’ assembly is superior to a trade union and the Islamic Council” – from Ebrahim Abbasi’s speech.

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