Demonstration outside the Majles in support of Reza Shahabi

The following is a report of a demonstration outside the Majles in support of Reza Shahabi.

This morning, September 5th 2017, following a request by Robabeh Rezaii, the wife of Reza Shahabi, a jailed worker, on the 28th day of his hunger strike in Rejai Shahr Prison, a number of members of the Trade Union of the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company and a section of the left-wing labour and student activists, organised a gathering outside the Majles [the Iranian regime’s parliament in Tehran]. The immediate demand of this gathering was the unconditional release of Reza Shahabi and to protest against the illegal process of his arrest. “Students, Workers, Union, Unity”, “Free Jailed Workers”, “Shahabi’s Release Is Our Immediate Demand” were the main slogans of the rally. There were also placards in support of the demands of prisoners on hunger strike in Rejai Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison.

As planned, the gathering began at 10 o’clock in front of the Majles. But due to the force, threats and beating of a number of activists by the police, the picketers moved towards the Choubi Bridge area. However, while on the move, the slogans did not stop. Along the way, the security officials were filming activists. The protesters were also attacked a number of times. Eventually, the marchers stopped at the Majles crossroads and continued shouting their slogans. Meanwhile, the pro-worker slogans caught the attention of the passers-by and the number of people grew.

The action did not stop at the Majles crossroads and the demonstrators entered the metro stations, posing the demands among the people and chanting slogans inside the metro. The rally ended with slogans in the metro and the activists dispersing.

Activists of the Workers’ Action Committee
5 September 2017

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