Free all Ahvaz steelworkers!

The following is a statement by the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union on the arrest of around forty Iran National Steel Industrial Group (INSIG) workers in Ahvaz. It was published on the union’s Telegram channel on December 19th 2018.

According to reports, on Wednesday, December 19th, some workers of Steel National Group in Ahvaz, including Mr Karim Sayahi and MrGharib Hovizavi, who before being arrested had appointed a lawyer, are being represented by lawyers.

The case was filed at the twentieth branch of the Public Prosecution and Revolutionary Tribunal of Ahvaz. Some of the workers have been charged with propaganda activities against the regime and acting against national security.

Also, according to this report, the names and number of detainees have been withheld.

It was established that the arrest warrants of a number of workers could be converted to bail [release]. But unfortunately, contrary to the law, it was stated that in general they would not accept bail for the National Steel Group workers.

In this regard, the written request of about twenty workers to the deputy prosecutor did not yield any result.

The Haft Tape Union condemns the arrest of the Ahwaz workers and demands the release of all detained Ahvaz steel workers as well as Ali Nejati, a member of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union.

Translation: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

See also: Iran National Steel strike: day 31

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