Fourteen Haft Tappeh workers arrested on the fourteenth day of their strike

On October 6th, the fourteenth day of the latest Haft Tappeh strike, fourteen of the company’s workers were arrested by the Iranian regime’s security agencies and security police.

According to the union’s telegram channel, eleven Haft Tappeh workers who were on their way to Tehran for a scheduled meeting with members of the Iranian regime’s parliament’s social affairs commission, were arrested by the security forces. The names of five of these detainees are: Mohammad Khanifar, Ebrahim Abbasi Manjazi, Omid Azadi, Hassan Javadi Kohangi and Mehdi Davoudi. The names of the other six have so far not been announced.

Three workers were also detained by the security police during the strike. They are Yusef Bahmani, Mahmoud Khodai and Iman Akhzari.

The Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union condemned the arrests as “anti-worker” and called for the unconditional release of all detainees.

Last week the Intelligence and Security Police of Shush summoned forty Haft Tappeh workers.

Earlier there were reports that 150 Haft Tappeh workers had been laid off. The employer had said that they were “no longer needed” and their contracts were not being renewed. The names of 25 of these workers have been published.

The Haft Tappeh workers’ demands include revoking privatisation, the release of their workmate Esmail Bakhshi, revoking all sentences passed against the protesting workers and payment of unpaid wages.

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
6 October 2019

Source: The Telegram channel of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union.

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