Lamerd’s Parsian refinery workers go on strike over unpaid wages

Workers at the Parsian gas refinery in Lamerd have gone on strike. They demanded payment of their wage arrears and staged a rally on the refinery grounds.

Parsian Gas Refinery is one of the largest gas producers in Iran but is not paying its workers their wages – even though its shareholders have rated the refinery’s performance as “acceptable” in successive annual audit reports.
Lamerd, in the south of Fars province, is close to the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone and the port of Assaluyeh. In August, after several separate and sporadic strikes, the workers of the Parsian refinery went on a co-ordinated strike with the refinery workers at Abadan, Qeshm Heavy Oil and several South Pars phases.
Wage levels and arrears are one of the chronic problems facing Iranian workers (and pensioners). The Iranian regime has cracked down heavily on protests against unpaid wages, using the security and judicial apparatus to imprison and even flog many protesting workers and labour activists.
Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
17 October 2020
Source: Social media.

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