Sepideh Gholian transferred to Gharchak jail

On Monday June 3rd Sepideh Gholian was transferred from Evin prison to Gharchak jail in Varamin.

Sepideh Gholian is a student, social rights’ activists and journalist who has supported and reported on the Haft Tappeh workers’ strike. Her interrogators have beaten her and subjected her to degrading and humiliating treatment, including many sexual insults. She was re-arrested on January 20th, at the same time as Esmail Bakhshi, an activist of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union, who was arrested by security forces at his own home.

Sepideh Gholian and Esmail Bakhshi, together with Amir (Ali) Amirgholi, were transferred from Ahvaz’s Sepidar jail to Evin on April 28th.

We call on all trade unionists and socialists to send solidarity messages in support of Esmail Bakhshi and Sepideh Gholian, demanding their immediate and unconditional release.

Free Esmail and Sepideh now!

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
3 June 2019

Source: Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers’ Union’s Telegram channel

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