Keyvan Samimi, 72-year-old journalist, jailed for three years!

Keyvan Samimi, one of the May Day 2019 detainees, is a 72-year-old journalist and political activist. On Monday morning, December 7th, he was arrested at Evin Courthouse and transferred to Evin Prison to serve a three-year sentence.

Keyvan Samimi, who has been a political prisoner both before and after the revolution, was arrested along with about 50 workers and activists during the 2019 International Labour Day ceremony in front of the Iranian regime’s ‘parliament’. After 48 days of temporary detention, he was released on bail and unjustly sentenced to three years in prison by the regime’s Revolutionary Court.

Given that the Iranian regime’s jails are rife with COVID-19 infections, the long-term health of Keyvan Samimi, who has a heart condition, can only deteriorate and lead to serious illness.

The Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign strongly condemns the imprisonment of Keyvan Samimi and all other workers and activists arrested on May Day 2019. We demand that they are all released immediately and unconditionally. We call on all trade unionists, socialists and other political activists to help us in defending the rights of all workers, social rights’ activists and political prisoners in Iran.

10 December 2020
Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

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